Coalition's mission:
To represent accurately, and without prejudice, facts regarding climate change; to provide considered opinion on matters related to both natural and human-caused climate effects; and to comment on the economic and socio-political consequences of climate change.


The Carbon Farming Group is an independent not for profit organisation which provides information to the rural sector on climate change. This website aims to provide an overview of the current issues.



    * To promote livestock methane emissions as sustainable and not responsible for global warming.
    * To study and comment on research by other organisations that relate to pastoral farming carbon emissions.
    * To initiate an academic study to determine the net effect livestock have on the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and whether what ever effect they do have could cause global warming.
    * To advocate fairness for agricultural producers under any carbon emission laws or regulations.

Robin Grieve puts out regular newsletters, available on request.


All about carbon in life, energy and the atmosphere

The Carbon Sense Coalition is a voluntary group of people concerned about the extent to which carbon is wrongly vilified in Western societies, particularly in government, the media, and in business circles. We aim to restore balance and reason to the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in production of most of our energy for heat, light, and transportation, and all of our food. Members and supporters include:

    * consumers concerned about the future availability and cost of energy and food, and
    * taxpayers concerned at the spiraling costs of subsidies for fixing non-problems in the carbon cycle or propping up inefficient alternatives to carbon fuels.
    * those who understand, support, work in, or invest in the farming, mining, electricity, fishing, forestry, food and energy industries.
    * farmers who know about the important role of plants, soil and carbon dioxide in naturally recycling carbon from the atmosphere to plants and our food chain.
    * people with knowledge and understanding of the dominant influence of the sun, moon, clouds and cycles in the solar system in affecting climate and weather on earth.
    * people alarmed at the politicization of science. We want young people to grow up in a world in which truth and science is valued.
    * people alarmed at the way this issue is being used to fill our children with fear and loathing and our adults with guilt and anger.


Ian Wishart, author of Air Con, Eve's Bite, Absolute Power and other books, and editor of Investigate magazine, has launched a free online climate magazine:

Investigate Magazine's Breaking News Forum:



Vincent Gray BULLINDEX Revised (135KB PDF)

Vincent Gray Publications (97KB PDF)


I am a New Zealand based Consulting Engineer specialising in hydropower, power systems and markets.
The link is to material related to the climate.
Bryan's website:


Link page that takes you to the research of  Warwick Hughes, free lance earth scientist from Australia.
Exposing situations where unsound science is used to prop up fashionable and expensive policy  notions, usually policy coloured a shade of  Green.
Guest papers are clearly identified.

Most readers will be familiar with Leighton Smith, host on NewstalkZB.
His website contains a wealth of material on all manner of subjects; of particular interest are his Global Warming and Climate Change links as above.

I LOVE CARBON DIOXIDE was founded in January 2009.
Welcome to the CO2 lovers site! Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, the purpose of this site is to enlighten as many people as possible on climate issues and correct a common misconception held by a large percentage of the population: the myth that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant. The truth of the matter is there is no justification for demonizing CO2. It is certainly not a pollutant.

Carbon Dioxide is a very important trace gas upon which life depends upon. Throughout this site you will learn that CO2 is not an enemy, it is a wonderful friend. It is scientifically proven to be very beneficial to the planet, does not cause so-called "climate change", and currently the Earth is actually quite CO2 impoverished -- meaning CO2 levels are very low and it would do no harm to encourage CO2 emissions for a cleaner greener world.

When it comes to CO2 in relation to environmental news and current events, this site is all about facts, not fiction. We're active promoters of exposing the junk science and motives behind the global climate change hoax and the unfounded demonization of CO2 of which the alarmists feed upon. Like many others, we are tired of Big Environment constantly pressing their often fraudulent political agendas into our lives, and we're equally tired of the mainstream media and politicians spearheading such campaigns on an unsuspecting public and enacting regulations and disastrous policies when in fact those policies are completely devoid of any factual science to support the very theories they're based upon.

"Our mission is to educate the public on the positive effects of additional atmospheric CO2 and help prevent the inadvertent negative impact to human, plant and animal life if we reduce CO2.  Plants Need CO2 is a pending 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation."

CO2 is Green is a pending 501(C)(4) non-profit organization. Our mission is to support scientifically and economically sound public policy on environmental issues. Currently, we are especially concerned with federal proposals that would interfere with nature's dependence on carbon dioxide (C02).

CO2 is not a pollutant. CO2 makes Earth green because it supports all plant life. It is Earth's greatest airborne fertilizer. Even man-made CO2 contributes to plant growth that in turn sustains humanity and ecosystems.

CO2 Is Green is working to insure that all federal laws or regulations are founded upon science and not politics or scientific myths. No one wants the plant and animal kingdoms, including humanity, to be harmed if atmospheric CO2 is reduced. The current dialog in Washington needs to reflect these inalterable facts of nature. We cannot afford to make mistakes that would actually harm both the plant and animal kingdoms..

There are many scientists and organizations who have published important studies that need a voice.  The media has ignored the facts about CO2 and climate changes too long.   There is not a single piece of scientific evidence that CO2 is pollution. Claims that CO2 is a pollutant are a myth and are absolutely false. In fact, lower levels of carbon dioxide actually reduce plant growth and food production. What we see happening in Washington right now is the replacement of politics for science in conversations about CO2.

Our planet has been slowly warming since last emerging from the "Little Ice Age" of the 17th century, often associated with the Maunder Minimum.  Before that came the "Medieval Warm Period", in which temperatures were about the same as they are today.  Both of these climate phenomena are known to have occurred in the Northern Hemisphere, but several hundred years prior to the present, the majority of the Southern Hemisphere was primarily populated by indigenous peoples, where science and scientific observation was limited to non-existent.  Thus we can not say that these periods were necessarily "global".

However, "Global Warming" in recent historical times has been an undisputable fact, and no one can reasonably deny that.

But we're hearing far too often that the "science" is "settled", and that it is mankind's contribution to the natural CO2 in the atmosphere has been the principal cause of an increasing "Greenhouse Effect", which is the root "cause" of global warming.  We're also hearing that "all the world's scientists now agree on this settled science", and it is now time to quickly and most radically alter our culture, and prevent a looming global catastrophe.  And last, but not least, we're seeing a sort of mass hysteria sweeping our culture which is really quite disturbing.  Historians ponder how the entire nation of Germany could possibly have goose-stepped into place in such a short time, and we have similar unrest.  Have we become a nation of overnight loonies?


Test your knowledge on perhaps the most important issue of our
time. An interesting quiz to help you evaluate your grip on this subject.

Ken Ring is the Auckland-based Australasian long-range forecaster who predicts coming weather by calculating the orbits of the Moon and Sun. He is also longrange consultant to Australia’s Channel Seven network and the author of the Predict Weather Almanacs (2009) both for NZ and Australia, publisher Random House NZ


The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is a nonprofit institute of research and education dedicated to sound public policy based on sound science. Free from affiliation to any corporation or political party, we support the advancement of sensible public policies for energy and the environment rooted in rational science and economics.  Only through science and factual information, separating reality from rhetoric, can legislators develop beneficial policies without unintended consequences that might threaten the life, liberty, and prosperity of the citizenry.

Though some say anthropogenic "global warming" is the most serious issue facing humankind, security of energy supply is a far more serious problem. The Institute urges critical appraisal of legislative “climate fixes” for their social, political, and economic and security costs, along with their relative utility or futility.

Proposals demanding prodigious economic or political sacrifices for the sake of negligible climatic benefits should be rejected in favor of policies to address graver, more immediate concerns about which something constructive can actually be done.
SPPI meets its educational objectives through timely online publication of white papers, peer-reviewed reprints, personal briefings, PowerPoint presentations, blog entries, news stories and other educational materials containing editorials on topics of current concern and digests of recently published peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and books.


Watts Up With That? News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts

This science news site feature original content from Anthony Watts as well as several contributors.


run by Dr. Patrick Michaels, past president of the American Association of State Climatologists, presents a comprehensive overview of global warming science.

An example of the material produced by Dr Michaels is What You Can(‘t) Do About Global Warming, an article that shows how to calculate the impact of emissions reduction schemes (like that just announced by our National Government) on the climate. As could be expected, that impact is negligible. In other words, emissions trading schemes will have no effect on world temperatures, but will have a devastating impact on economies and living standards. Dr Michaels concludes his article by saying that, “The fact that we aren’t routinely presented with this data, leads to the inescapable conclusion that it is purposefully being withheld. None of the climate do-gooders want to you know that what they are suggesting/demanding will do no good at all.”


The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change was created to disseminate factual reports and sound commentary on new developments in the world-wide scientific quest to determine the climatic and biological consequences of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content.  It meets this objective through weekly online publication of its CO2 Science magazine, which contains editorials on topics of current concern and mini-reviews of recently published peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, books, and other educational materials.  In this endeavor, the Center attempts to separate reality from rhetoric in the emotionally-charged debate that swirls around the subject of carbon dioxide and global change.  In addition, to help students and teachers gain greater insight into the biological aspects of this phenomenon, the Center maintains on-line instructions on how to conduct CO2 enrichment and depletion experiments in its Global Change Laboratory (located in its Education Center section), which allow interested parties to conduct similar studies in their own homes and classrooms.



Andy has a link to us on Facebook- has started a group along similar lines to this.... well worth a look.




  • We are ordinary but proud Australians who are gravely concerned with the unfounded environmental alarmism infiltrating all forms of Australian Government (Federal, State & Local),  threatening our way of life and hard fought freedoms
  • We believe that Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming (AGW) is based on cherry picked evidence, hypothetical modeling and junk science. As such, the proposed myriad of taxes and the planned winding back of the much valued Australian way of life must be opposed by every lawful means available to us.
  • We oppose all plans to introduce Carbon Taxes or Emissions Trading Schemes of any form.
  • We support a higher level of integrity in Governmental decision-making wherein irrefutable and verifiable science replaces groundless mass hysteria.
  • We will defend the hard fought Australian standard of living, lifestyles and freedoms, especially from radical environmental minority groups.
  • We support real but common sense approaches to a cleaner environment and a meaningful reduction in pollutants.
  • We support the introduction of responsible Governmental policies that will ensure our environment is protected for future generations of Australians.
  • We support secure property rights and “just terms compensation” in every case wherein private property is devalued by government actions to benefit the whole community.
  • We oppose the bad science of AGW alarmism being taught in our school systems.
  • We support basic freedoms of all Australians
  • We support family values
  • We support equal opportunities for all Australians
  • We support every citizen’s right to live in a law abiding society free from fear and persecution.
  • We support a return to basic values, good manners and respect for human values within our society.
  • We respect the Australian Constitution



Leighton Smith recommends this as 'the best site on the internet' on this subject.

A project of CFACT, climate depot has enough reading to keep you amused for a very, very long time......



Taking the heat out of global warming



We can no longer stand neutral on global warming, since climate change is often accompanied by a belief as strong and fervent as that of any religious worshipper, so asking questions invokes scorn, even hatred. However, we do conduct discussions in a calm (if not neutral) atmosphere.

So if we’re not neutral, where do we stand? We conclude that warming is natural, not man-made, and carbon dioxide is vital to life; they are the facts. Specifically: CO2 has been far higher over many millions of years, but run-away global warming has never happened, so it’s hardly likely to start now; the late 20th century warming has been normal; the physics says that almost all the warming you can get from CO2 has already been achieved; and the only reason to think warming will be dangerously high in the future is computer models that don’t match the climate.

Some of the facts we’ve unearthed you won’t discover in the mainstream media, especially recent research results, and we want them known across the land. There’s much scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that casts doubt on the theory of dangerous man-made global warming.

But it’s difficult wading through the science, it’s tough keeping your head in the hothouse of argument and it’s especially difficult to know whom to trust. So we aim to be a credible voice in the global warming wilderness. We bring a simple message: listen, ask for evidence, trust reason and avoid conclusions not justified by facts.

We hold public meetings for discussion of global warming in a calm climate. Get in touch!

Richard Treadgold


JOANNE NOVA-  Science and Public Policy Institute

The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is a nonprofit institute of research and education dedicated to sound public policy based on sound science. Free from affiliation to any corporation or political party, we support the advancement of sensible public policies for energy and the environment rooted in rational science and economics.  Only through science and factual information, separating reality from rhetoric, can legislators develop beneficial policies without unintended consequences that might threaten the life, liberty, and prosperity of the citizenry.




Mankind has a moral obligation to be a responsible steward of God’s creation for the good of future generations.  Protecting and preserving our earth’s ecosystems must remain a high priority for citizens of every nation.

However, we oppose the alarmist agenda employed by most global warming “evangelists.”  In many cases, their agendas are based upon questionable scientific data and erroneous claims about global climate change. They claim the “science is settled” when, in fact, it is not.  Scientists do not agree on the cause of climate change, the role of carbon dioxide (CO2), the degree to which man contributes to atmospheric CO2, and whether global warming is anything other than a naturally occurring phenomenon. 

Global climate changes have been occurring for centuries.  Global warming is most likely occurring today.  But there is much evidence to suggest that temperature fluctuations are part of a natural cycle of climate change, not man-made causes.  To conclude that man bears the brunt of the blame for rising temperatures is morally irresponsible and politically reckless.  Nature itself produces the greatest contributions to climate change.

The unproven ”solutions” being proposed by global warming advocates would ultimately cost billions of dollars to implement and there’s absolutely no scientific proof that these changes would have a material impact on the earth’s climate.  Most of the proposed ”solutions” are based upon massive government bureaucratic programs that will ultimately reduce personal freedoms and impose additional costs upon the citizens of all nations, especially those who can least afford it.  While man can take positive steps to improve some aspects of his natural environment, we must be wary of today’s grandiose claims that appear to be nothing more than a smokescreen for the intrusion of government on private property rights and the exploitation by special interests that stand to financially gain from government largess.

There’s a better approach to addressing the issue of global climate change rather than the campaign of mass hysteria being promoted by most of the media, much of academia, and many of the special interest groups that stand to profit from their “doom and gloom” pandemonium.  The best solutions for preserving our environment will come from private enterprise that truly drives innovation and new technology.  The usual expansion of government bureaucracies and their inherent gross inefficiencies is not the answer rather than more litigation and more government regulation.  If government is to have a role, it should be to reward businesses and consumers that take positive steps to cut pollution and improve energy efficiency.  Internationally there is a role for statesmen to reach out to foreign countries and encourage them to employ the best practices known for reducing air and water pollution.

At the root of the global climate change debate is an intractable claim on the part of those who would readily cripple our economy with new regulations and attack our personal freedoms with intrusion into our homes, automobiles and offices.  The claim is simply that the debate about the causes of global warming is over.  Any advocacy that restricts our first Amendment rights to freely speak to the issue should cause alarm for the defenders of freedom everywhere.  The debate is not over.  It is our duty to see that the debate begins in earnest on a solid footing of civility and real scientific investigation. is a project of Minnesota Majority.

Must-See Videos

Here’s a collection of Internet videos exposing the lies used by global warming evangelists to promote their cause to an uninformed public. Watch these videos, learn the truth and share them with your friends and family. Don’t allow environmental extremists to destroy our freedoms with their lies.

The Great Global Warming Swindle (71 minutes) From Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to news reports from the popular media outlets and even public classrooms which, in chicken little fashion, seem to be screaming - the sky is falling. But is it really? This film blows the whistle on what may be the biggest swindle in modern history. We are told that “Man Made Global Warming” is the biggest threat ever to mankind and that it may even threaten our very survival; and, if we do not change our ways and reduce CO2 emissions - polar ice caps will melt, coastal areas will flood and hurricanes like Katrina will become common. With nearly Gestapo like tactics we are told not to question! There is absolutely no room for doubt because there is a “scientific consensus.” Anyone who questions the data or conclusion is an enemy of the state and humanity. Well, bring it on because this is exactly what this well documented film does. The Great Global Warming Swindle uses a plethora of leading scientists who will not bend to political or philosophical or ideological pressure.

Climate Chains (22 minutes):  a documentary released in October 2009 that exposes extreme environmentalism and the misguided pursuit of cap-and-trade legislation. Climate Chains not only explains the dangers of this legislation but offers an alternative to top-down regulation in the form of free market environmentalism.

Lord Christopher Monckton (95 minutes): Lord Christopher Monckton is a former policy advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a long time critic of the theory of man-made global warming.  He exposes the flawed science used by global warming evangelists and warns citizens of the United States whats ahead if we agree to the United Nations climate change treaty.

Not Evil, Just Wrong (3 minutes): This is a trailer for a feature-length documentary that exposes how radical environmentalism is destroying the lives of vulnerable people.

Policy Peril - The Truth About Global Warming (39 minutes): Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis explains the truth about global warming in his film Policy Peril: Why Global Warming Policies Are More Dangerous Than Global Warming Itself.

The Cloud Mystery (53 mniutes): This documentary shows that cosmic rays, the sun and the earth’s clouds may be responsible for changes in the earth’s climate, not CO2.

EXPOSED: The Climate of Fear (9 minutes): This CNN Special Report by Glenn Beck attempts to expose how media hype is driving the global warming craze.

John Stossel 20/20: Give Me A Break (8 minutes): This is an excerpt from John Stossel’s special report on the global warming.  He helps expose the weaknesses of the arguments made by global warming proponents.

Snowjob  (5 minutes): This video produced by the Heartland Institute highlights some of the lies behind Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Another Global Warming Hoax Exposed (3 minutes): This British news report shows how a photograph of some polar bears made its way into news reports and documentaries as evidence of global warming.  Further investigation demonstrated the photograph did not support global warming advocates’ position.

Global Warming and the Nation-Sized Error (3 minutes):  CitizenLink Managing Editor Stuart Shepard, who’s also a meteorologist, shares how the U.S. temperature average was wrong for the past seven years. And he has some news from Norway.

Global Warming or Global Governance (81 minutes) In this eye opening documentary, we hear from leading scientist and climatologist who refute the current crop of alarmists cries.  We also hear from congressman, economist, newscasters and sociologist who believe that something more sinister is involved. It appears global warming alarmists want the United States to give up her sovereignty and her rights, surrendering them to the socialistic mandates of the United Nations.





The goal of is to provide a daily dose of information regarding the world’s greatest scam, climategate, and other information and news to help you in your battle against the Religion of Settled Science to dispute their views on Anthropogenic Global Warming, and in addition, to battle the one-world socialist agenda, which is the movement’s leaders’ real goal.



Andrew Bolt started his column in 1998, after working as a foreign correspondent. He is a regular commentator on ABC TV's Insiders, Melbourne's 3AW, Perth's 6PR and Brisbane's 4BC. 'Still Not Sorry' was published last year.



Rangitikei Guardians Inc - a coalition of concerned citiizens and ratepayers - has developed this website to inform others, and to seek their support to help protect the iconic rural landscape of the Hihitahi Plateau, east of Taihape and Waiouru, from the inappropriate decision to allow a 52 x 135m turbine windfarm.

If allowed, this project would look out over the World Heritage Tongariro National Park and be seen from the gateways to this important tourism and ecological area of New Zealand, as well as from Mt Ruapehu itself.

While Rangitikei Guardians fully supports the need for renewable energy, it is concerned that this need is balanced by appropriate siting of such huge industrial complexes. Our website aims to provide information about this project in particular; about the general thrust of the New Zealand power strategy; and about the world wide impact of wind power compared to other sources of renewable electricity generation.


Roger from New Zealand

This blog is worth a look and has links to some excellent information.



John McLean- member, New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

A selection of general, global and specifically Australian papers, providing a wide range of insights into the scientific and some of the political issues surrounding global warming.



Global Warming- Climategate Items

A wealth of articles by a variety of authors, exploring a range of issues centred on the global warming scam and Climategate. Hours of browsing guaranteed.



We care about freedom, security, the environment, humanity and our future.

The Galileo Movement's co-founders are retirees Case Smit and John Smeed. Their business backgrounds are in science and engineering - science's real-world application. Their experience is in environmental protection and ensuring air quality.

At first they simply accepted politicians' claims of global warming blamed on human production of carbon dioxide (CO2). When things didn't add up, they each separately investigated. Stunned, they discovered what many people are now discovering: climate claims by some scientists and politicians contradict observed facts.

This site explains Case's and John's apolitical public campaign. It gives visitors reassurance and ease on climate. It's a rallying point to a mainstream media voice for the growing majority of Australians wanting to reclaim their lives from media spin and politicians' control.

It provides clear, easy choices. It shows how we can each confidently express our care by taking simple effective action - to stop all carbon dioxide taxes and 'trading' schemes and protect our security, freedom, environment and future.



You will find here a wide range of papers and the search engine will enable you to look up anything of particular interest.

The topics covered include greenhouse gas theory; solar and planetary influences on the earth's climate; predictions of future climate; the history of climate change; the economics of energy and technology; energy security; the role of the IPCC in promoting global warming hysteria; the response of Australia's governments to the decarbonisation campaigns of the Environmentalist movement and the media.


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