Letters to Politicians and others

To John Key from Jack B 6 May 2010

The Prime Minister
The Hon John Key
Parliament Buildings
Dear Sir,
The ETS Scheme
May I begin by quoting from “His Way” by Barry Gustafson:
“During his last term in office Muldoon found himself arguing not only with bankers, financiers, farmers, businessmen, trade unionists, the media, the Labour Opposition, and free marketeers and liberals in his own party but also with many of the Government’s official advisers.”
Obviously I am not an insider but given the extremely controversial nature of this scheme and the fact that both you and Minister Smith have turned 180 degrees on your historical positions not to lead the world, but to follow our trading partners, I believe the internal pressure on you must be immense – as it should be.

To John Key from Simon B 17 May 2010

With all due respect, Sir, I was disgusted by your comments made on Radio Live (JT and WJ) last Thursday.
In reply to a question regarding the introduction of the ETS you stated that you believed in "Climate Change". Was this a deliberate attempt to deceive? You surely know that to the general public that Phrase conveys the concept of 'any change in climate'. And in that sense your repy is meanless ......every body knows that Climate changes ... always does, always has and always will!
But there is a less well-known meaning to the phrase which was set out in the IPCC 1982 Framework Convention on Climate Change. It defines 'Climate Change' as "a change of climate WHICH IS ATTRIBUTED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TO HUMAN ACTIVITY THAT ALTERS THE COMPOSITION OF THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE ........."

To John Key, Nick Smith, David Carter, Tim Groser and Anne Tolley from Neil H 12 May 2010

Dear Prime Minister

I wrote to you last week requesting a meeting with you while you were in Gisborne if your timetable allowed. I realised this was a highly unlikely outcome, so we had a ‘Plan B’ in reserve. 
Now that I have seen your schedule for your visit to Gisborne I am amazed how much you squashed in. It begs the question as to whether wisdom would dictate you concentrated on issues of greater urgency.
Plan B was the group holding placards that greeted you at the airport. This group was small and by invitation only. It was deliberately low profile as a warning to you that you are not getting the real message of the sentiment of your electors, the people who elected you to power and who consequently hold the key to whether you stay in power in November 2011.

To Nick Smith from Ian Wishart 11 May 2010

Nick, I’ve listened with increasing interest to your disingenuous 
attempts to disown your comments from 2005 when you said this:

 “The madness of the Government’s new carbon tax is that New Zealanders 
will be the only people in the world paying it. It will drive up the 
costs of living and undermine the competitiveness of New Zealand 
business for negligible environmental gain.

 “Labour Ministers may take pride in being toasted at International 


To John Key from Alan N 9 May 2010

John Key I am utterly flabbergasted that you are continuing with the ETS in the knowledge that the basis for this bill has been totally repudiated, the hypothesis of the UN that human produced CO2 is responsible for global warming has been shown to be totally false and was based on contrived and manipulated data, as born out by Phil Jones’s admission on BBC radio; that all warming experienced since the early 1800’s was of natural origin. How can you continue to justify the need to impose increased costs on the citizens of this nation when the supposed reason for doing so has never existed?


To John Key from Louise P 4 May 2010


4 May 2010
Dear John Key,
My husband and I farm a 965ha sheep & beef, summer dry hill country in Hawkes Bay. It is part of  the original family farm my parents bought 40 years ago and worked hard to pass on to the next generation.  
I am one of four children, so non farming siblings have to be paid out. We have four children and like my parents would like our life’s work and family farm to pass on to the next generation. The way things are going we can’t see how any of them are going to be able to farm on their own accord unless they win lotto.
It is really tough out there, not just us sheep and beef farmers, but for the whole agricultural industry and the industries that support it.
With the economic downturn, the dollar and the droughts (which we have to deal with because that is the area we live in), everyone we know has had a guts full and the ETS will be the last straw and the end of family farming as we know it.

To John Key from Neil H 8 March 2010

Subject: A matter of Integrity & Principles


Dear Minister

Your Government moderated the Labour Government's Emissions Trading Scheme
(ETS) because it believed we should be fast followers, not the world leader
on matters of climate change response. It claimed that it was redesigning
the New Zealand scheme to align with Australia's Carbon Pollution Reduction
Scheme. However official Treasury documents reveal our scheme is eight times
more costly than Australia's.

Australia has not managed to get their scheme in place and is not likely to
until after their next election, if at all.


To John Key from Sally M 2 May 2010

Dear Mr Key,

The article in the Sunday Star Times by Finlay MacDonald is so true, but I dare say you will pass his observations off as a ‘spoof.
'Nanny' gets a fresh pair of bloomers and sensible shoes"
 "No, the old girl is alive and kicking – it's just that her petticoats are blue now, not red."

I have Attached an article printed in the local paper alerting the public to just exactly what ‘your’ Emissions Trading Tax Scheme means to the people. It is a travesty that you continue with ‘your’ ETS scheme. Why you as Prime Minister will not open your eyes and see the ramifications for all New Zealanders with your zest in continuing to have ‘your’ ETS scheme and the stupidity of having New Zealand as the only country in the OECD that includes agriculture.

At first 'your' ETS will only include energy (electricity, petrol and diesel) but by 2015 it will include ruminant animals. Sheep and Beef farmers will then start paying an estimated $5000 (not the $3000 you so glibly told farmers) increasing to an charge of $10,000 for an average farm annually. An average dairy farm is estimated to be double of these.


To National Party HQ from Jon H 3 May 2010

National Party Supporters:
I emailed Anne Tolley some time back and told her that we would withdraw our 40 years of support for the National Party if the Emissioms Trading Scam was rammed through Parliament.
Anne did and we have.
Please remove our names from your list of supporters


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